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  • Established Excellence: Premier Electrosystems, since 1984, is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of precision instruments.
  • Diversified Expertise: From test and measuring instruments to electronic systems, electrical, electro-mechanical, and IoT-based solutions, we have evolved to meet diverse industry needs.
  • Quality Focus: Committed to the highest standards, we continually enhance our offerings to surpass customer expectations.

Our company is catering to the needs of varied industries like: Home Appliances, Refineries, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation & Distribution, Marine & Offshore Constructions, Defence Organisations, Aeronautical, Automobile, and Educational Institutes. Our products are well suited for departments like R&D, Product Development, Quality Check, Production, Service and Training.


Products Categories

Test Instruments

Explore a variety of test instruments, from resistance meters to insulation testers, addressing diverse testing needs effectively.

BIS Standard Specific Products

"Explore BIS standard-specific testing services for toys, plug/socket, household appliances, and medical equipment, ensuring product compliance.".

Process Control Instruments

Discover our array of process control instruments, from digital temperature indicators to data loggers, tailored to enhance operational efficiency.

Customized Development

Discover a diverse array of innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs, all nestled within our Customized Developments section


Explore our range of precise sensors, including temperature, humidity, proximity, and more, designed to meet your application needs with accuracy.

Installation & Services

Discover our installation and service solutions, tailored to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of your equipment.

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Building Success Together

Embarking on a journey of excellence, we celebrate our milestones, from executing 3500+ orders to fostering happiness among 300+ satisfied clients, with 35+ years of expertise and a diverse product portfolio at our helm.


Happy Clients 300+ Happy Clients they make us happy, like the architect of our own joy.


Orders Executed Executing 3500+ orders, building our contentment, akin to constructing our own happiness.


Years of experience 35+ Years of Expertise, nurturing excellence, much like cultivating our own mastery.


Product Portfolio 100+ Products Offered, expanding possibilities, much like curating our own diverse collection.


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