Premier's Test Corner is used to check the temperature distribution caused by operating the appliance continuously and to check if there is any abnormal heating which might be dangerous to the user. It consists of wooden walls at 4 positions- Top (Ceiling), Left (Wall), Back (Wall), and Bottom (Floor). Appliances are kept in the test corner as follows:

  • Appliances normally placed on a floor or table in use, are placed on the floor as near to the walls as possible
  • Appliances normally fixed to a wall are fixed to one of the walls, as near to the other wall and floor or ceiling as is likely to occur, taking into account the instruction;
  • Appliances normally fixed to a ceiling are fixed to the ceiling as near to the walls as is likely to occur, taking into account in the instructions.

Dull black-painted plywood approximately 20 mm thick is used for the test corner.

Thermocouples having wires with a diameter not exceeding 0.3 mm are used to sense the temperature (also called as fine-wire thermocouples). These thermocouple sensors are attached to the back of blackened disks of copper, 15 mm in diameter and 1 mm thick.

These sensors are positioned at every 100 mm on the walls, ceilings, and floor of the test corner. The copper disks are flush with the surface of the test corner.

Thermocouples are then connected to temperature indicators or scanners or data loggers to check the temperature distribution.

Premier Electrosystems offer these options along with software solutions to graphically map the temperature rise of the product.

Test Corner
MODEL : PE 9900- TC


  • No of faces: 4 (floor, ceiling, back, left).
  • Material: Plywood 20mm thickness.
  • Finish: Black matte color
  • Construction: Platform of test of easy use and adaptation. Great robustness in the design.
  • Measurement points: Matrix of Each 100mm * 100mm ( ± 2mm).
  • Material end of measurement: Copper.
  • Diameter: ɸ15 ± 0.1mm
  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Thermocouples: Cable Length: 2m or as per requirement
  • Terminal of thermocouples: Flying Leads for easy connection to Temperature Indicators.
  • Dimensions: 600mm (w) x 600mm (d) x 600mm (h) OR As per requirement
  • According to: IEC 60335-1 / IS 302- 1