Digital Ohm meters (Micro Ohm Meter, Milli Ohm Meter, Ohm Meter) manufactured by Premier Electrosystems, are microcontroller based instruments having effective measuring range from 1 Micro Ohm to 20 Mega Ohm in various models. Use of latest Art Of Technology ensures excellent stability in all range. Four wire measurement systems eliminate lead resistance error. Complete solid state design, use of latest L.S.I technology ensures fast response, high accuracy, stability & noise immunity.

Digital Ohm meters
MODEL : PE 011/ PE 012/ PE 013


  • Four wire Measurement System.
  • 1 Micro - ohm resolution.
  • Excellent stability even against reactive Loads like Motors, transformers, Chokes etc.
  • Maximum Test Current 1 Amp.
  • Attractive and compact cabinet with HIT stand.


For Measurement of:

  • Resistance of Cables, Wires, Chokes, Transformers, Motors, Generators, Bus Bars, Shunts etc.
  • Contact resistance of switches, contractors, relays, connectors etc.
  • Temperature rise of conductors used in Motors, Transformers, Chokes etc.
  • Accurate resistance up to 20 Mega ohms.


  • Display: 3 1/2 digit, 0.5" ht., Red LED
  • Max Test Current: 1 Amp
  • Accuracy: 0.1% ± 1 count
  • Stability: ± 1 count
  • Over Range Indication: Blanking of all digits except MSD
  • Operating Temperature: 5 to 55 °C
  • Relative Humidity: 85% RH, Non-condensing
  • Power: 230V AV ± 10% 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 190(W) x 90(H) x 255(D) mm3

Note: Single/Double range models are available on request.