Premier Electrosystems offers more than 100 power supply products, which are suitable for the requirements of Electronic Assembly Testing, Education, Component Testing, Wireless Product Testing, Electric Vehicle Charging, Burn-in, Battery-Power Product Testing, Automotive and Aerospace industries and so on. Most models include a wider operating range with constant power, higher current ranges, precision readback of output current and voltage, output trigger signals, as well as the ability to create complex DC transients waveforms to test device behavior with voltage deviations. Our programmable DC power supplies are commonly used in DC-DC converter, PV inverter, telecom, battery charger, EV / automotive, burn-in, and plating/electrolysis testing.

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Variable Power Supply


Model : PE VV AA
VV: Max voltage; AA: Max current

Features : Modular system
Above 1000W power inbuilt active PFC
Mode : CV-CC
Manual current limit option
Independent setting of voltage & current
Paralleable & seriesable operation
Active current sharing
N+1 redundancy & hot swappable
High reliability & stability
Endurance performance
Mounting : panel / floor / 19" rack / wall


Display : Digital display
Output Voltage : 5VDC / 12VDC / 24VDC / 48VDC / 100VDC OR CUSTOMIZED
Output Current : 1 A / 5 A / 10 A / 15 A / 30 A / 60 A OR CUSTOMIZED
Wattage : Optional
Operating Modes : Constant Voltage / Constant Current Mode
Power : 230 V (1 phase)/ 415 V AC (3 phase)
Optional : Serial Communication through Modbus Protocol
PC software to view and process value and other parameters on PC

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