Premier's Flow Rate Indicator-Totaliser accept signals from analog flow meters and display flow rates and volumes on a high visibility LED display. It has relay for control/ alarm. Flow rate indicator cum totaliser are mostly used in Process and Chemical industries, Water treatment plant's distribution system, effluent treatment plants among other applications etc.

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Flow Rate Indicator


Model : PE 9200

Premier's Flow Rate Indicator & Totalizer, Model PE 9200, is a micro-controller based intelligent unit with selectable proximity (NPN/ PNP) input type flow sensor.
Features :
Data stored on non volatile memory
Programmable selection of Set Point either for use with Total Flow (tF) or Flow Rate (Fr).
Programming of all parameters - by keys on the front.


Display : 6 digit, 0.5" ht red LED for Total Flow in Liters or cubic met With programmable exponent value.
6 digit , 0.5” ht red LED for Flow Rate in Lit/Min or Lit/Hr.
Range : 0 - 999999 Liters & 0 - 9999.99 Lit/Min or Lit/Hr ( Cubic mtr/Hr )
Resolution : 1 Litres & 0.01 Lit/Min or Lit/Hr.
Accuracy : 0.05%
K- Factor: User programmable (0.0010 TO 1.0000).
Setpoint: 4 Nos - Each Individually programmable.
Output: Four Realy Output, One changeover relay contact 5A/230V AC each.
Power: 230 V AC ± 10% , 50 Hz.
Dimensions : 96(w) X 96(h) X 130(d) mm. Panel mounting type Panel cutout 92 (w) x 92 (h) mm.
Facility : 12 V DC excitation voltage for Flow Sensor.

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