The typical use of high voltage testing is to confirm performance. The high voltage tests are included in type and routine tests to meet the required IS standards, quality and reliability. Some of them are insulation resistance tests, dielectric type tests, lightning and switching impulse tests, partial discharge measurement, etc. Premier's high voltage tester checks the insulation between line to earth, neutral to earth, primary to earth, secondary to earth and between primary & secondary.

One of the most common application is the withstand voltage test, to check if the unit is capable of withstanding overvoltages during operation. The overvoltage is usually applied during 60 seconds, i.e. high voltage testing is successful if the measured current does not cause the insulation to break, or the current is lower than the maximum permissible leakage current. This implies that the product is safe to use under normal operating conditions.

This test is also known as Flash test, Hi pot test, Spark Test & Breakdown test.

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MODEL : PE 100

HV Tester

* High Voltage Breakdown Test or Flash Test of insulation materials, electrical instruments, motors, transformers, chokes, coils, switches, domestic/ industrial appliances, heaters, etc.
* Epoxy molded transformer for high reliability.
* Sleek & compact design.
* Test Voltage & Leakage Current indication on digital display with excellent stability.
* Timer facility
* Audio Buzzer for HV ON indication/ fail indication.
* Momentary ON Switch (Optional).
* High quality HV Probe for safe use upto 20kV


Test Voltage: 0-3 kV or 5 kV or 10 Kv continuously variable by Dimmer
Test Current/ Leakage Current : 0 to 30 mA or 0- 100 mA or 0-200 mA digitally settable through keypad
Facilities : Single button for HV Start, Stop, Pause, Resume
Audio buzzer when test on or when test fail
Remote switch on Probe for momentary start
Programmable timer (0.01 sec to 9999 hrs programmable)
Memory backup for auto restart after power failure.
Display : 4 digit indicator for test voltage, test current and timer
LED indication : For HV On, HV Off, Sample Ok, Sample Fail.
Resolution : 0.01 kV for voltage, 0.1 mA for test current
Accuracy : 0.6% ± 1 count
Power : 230V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz.
Dimensions : 30 cm (L) * 18 cm (H) * 22 cm (D)

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