Premier Electrosystem's Insulation Resistance test (also known as Megger, Mega Ohm Meter, Million Mega Ohm Meter) indicates whether any corrective maintenance or replacement of installed equipment is necessary, to assess if the newly installed equipment can be safely energized, and to trend the gradual deterioration of the equipment over its service life. Insulation Resistance Test is carried out to ensure the healthiness of overall insulation system of electrical equipment. It reflects the presence or absence of harmful contamination, dirt, moisture and gross degradation. Common areas of application are testing of appliances, wires, transformers, harnesses, motors, etc.

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MODEL : PE 1000


Features: * Stabilized High voltage DC supply as Test Voltage.
* Output short circuit protected (Max current 1mA.)
* Designed with relevant CIL, ISI and IEEE drafted specification.
* Applies rated D.C. Voltage across the measurement terminals & displays the value of insulations.


Display : 3 1/2 digit, 0.5" ht., Red LED
Test Voltages : 500V or 1000V.
Ranges : 0-199 Meg/199 Giga/ 19.9 Giga
Resolution : 1 Meg /10 Meg/0.1 Giga
Accuracy : 1% ± 1 count.
Protection : against short circuit/ Inductive load/ Capacitive load/ Charged input.
Power : 230V AC ± 10%, 50Hz
Dimensions : 192(W) x 96(H) x 150(D) mm
OPTIONS : 1. Other Test Voltages on request.

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