Premier Electrosystems' Standing Loss System is used to calculate the energy consumption measurement of a filled water heater, after steady state conditions have been reached when connected to electrical supply and when no water is drawn for a minimum of 48 hours.
The star rating for the electric geysers is given based on the standing losses. Standing loss or heat/energy loss of a water heater to the surrounding in 48 hours is an important factor used by BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) to decide on star rating of a water heater.
The unit of Standing Loss is Energy consumed per 24 hrs for a difference of 45 ° C (kWh/24 hrs/ 45 ° C).

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Standing Loss Test

Premier Electrosystems' Standing Loss Test System
Designed to suit the requirement of IS: 2082, and other similar standards.

Each unit will have the below logging parameters:

1. Voltage:
Range : 0-300.0 V
Least Count : 0.1 V

2. Current:
Range : 0-20.00 Amp
Least count : 0.01 A

3. Wattage:
Range : 0-10.000 W
Least count : 0.001 W

4. Energy (KW-h):
Range : 0-99.000 Kwh
Least count : 0.001 KWh

5. Temperature:
Type : RTD- rod type with nut mounting to directly fit into geyser outlet pipe.
Range : 0-100.0 ° C
Least count : 0.1 ° C

6. Room temperature sensor:
Type : TC- K type
Range : 10-60 ° C
Least count : 1 ° C

1. Logging of above 6 parameters directly into pen drive
2. Log rate settable from 15 sec onwards upto 99 sec
3. Inbuilt Real time clock

1. Direct report generation
2. Easy access to raw data
3. Easy option to create graphs of data
4. Click here for sample report

1. Modular fitting box for panel mounting arrangement
2. All sensors, CT's calibrated as per NABL
3. Pen drive- 8 GB

Screenshot of the software
Standing Loss Test

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