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Separating Funnel Shaker

Model : PE 5000

Laboratory Shaker
Intensive vertical reciprocating quick solvent extraction shaking unit. The separatory funnel shaker is able to shake upto 4 samples in identical conditions for any series or comparative protocols in chemistry, biotech, and medical labs.
* Intensive vertical shaking
* Shaking of upto 4 samples under identical conditions possible
* Mostly used in chemical, biotech, and medical laboratories
* The speed can be set between 50 and 300 rpm
* The timer can be set between 1 sec and 9999 hours. On time, off time and total time is user programmable.
* Flasks of up to 2 L capacity can be used
* Bright LED display for time monitoring
* Wide speed range and high precision of the speed control
* Feedback loop to a digital controller
* At the end of a shaking session the device stops automatically with an audible alarm sound
* Easily adjustable flask holder (max. 2 flasks per side)

Extraction of liquid for analysis sample of residual agricultural chemicals and soil contents
Pretreatment of extract solid phase from analysis sample
Various kind of mix shake

Model: PE 5000
Motion Type: Vertical reciprocating
Speed Range (rpm): 50 ~ 300
Accuracy(± rpm): ± 1
Vertical Stroke Length (mm): 40
Timer: 1 sec to 9999 Hours user programmable.
Overall (W×D×H) (mm): 445×730×505
Max. Load per each Side (kg): 4
Max. Load total (kg): 8
Fixtures: 4
Weight (Kg): 85
Power: 230 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz

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