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Normal Heaters are made from Kanthal / Nichrome wire and are operated on 230 V AC , where the shock hazards are very high.
Premier’s ZENISSH is an electronic heater working on low AC voltage and there by reducing the chances of shock hazards. It finds application in a Food warmer. In today’s time people want HOT food in a short delivery time. .Food warmer will keep the cooked food warm without loosing its taste and food value.

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION : The concept of the Electronic Heater – ZENISSH – is to use low voltage heaters as source of Heat. The heaters are designed to give uniform distribution of heat over the entire area. . Low excitation voltage at high current is derived from a step down Transformer. And there by generating the required heat.
MCB at the input trips off the mains in case of accidental short circuit at output. The capacity of such designed Heaters can give 0 to 50 Watts of Heat energy.
Care has been taken to minimize the heat loss and to sustain the temperature efficiently for longer duration of time. Heater Pack is an unique concept where the heat generated is confined in an area . It also works on less then 15 V AC so as to avoid any shock hazard.
Thermostatic control has been provided to maintain the temperature of the heat pack well within the required limit. In case of failure of thermostatic control, Back up protection to cut off the supply to the heat Pack is also provided by the Thermal Fuse.
Availability of variety of insulating material facilitates to form different shapes and sizes of heat pack container to suit individual requirement Dimensions of ZENISSH used in this case is 280 mm x 280 mm which can be modified suit any requirement as the need calls.

INSULATION CLASS & VOLTAGE PROOF : The insulation Resistance offered is more than 1 x 10 to power11 Ohms. Water Absorption is typically less than 0.25%.
FEATURES : Maintains the temperature of heat Pack.
Permits hot transport of the Heat Pack to distant.
Operates on Low voltage hence shock hazard free.
Thermostatic Control to maintain Temperature.
Thermal Fuse as Secondary Safety Precaution.
Connect to Automobile/delivery van Battery to carry hot.

POWER : 230 V AC +/- 10%, 50 Hz.
OUTPUT : 10 outputs each of 14 V / 80 Watts capacity
INDICATIONS : Output On – Red LED for each output on Power Unit
Heating On – indication by Green LED on Remote Unit
READY/CARRY indication by Red LED on Remote Unit
TEMPERATURE : cut off at 75 dC Cut in at 55 dC (typical)
RISE TIME : 10 minutes to attain maximum READY/ CARRY temperature
POWER UNIT : 180 mm x 180 mm x 255 mm (D)
REMOTE UNIT : 90 mm x 60 mm x 50 mm (H)
HEAT JACKET : 360 mm x 360 mm x 175 mm (H)

The Remote Unit will indicate heating On by Green LED When the maximum temperature will be attained , the Green LED comes On – indicating that the Heating Jacket is ready for Carrying the Pizza.

OPERATION : The cooked and ready items which is required to be kept warm is kept between the two plates of Heat Pack. The Power supply unit feeds the supply to the Heat Pack through Remote unit . Heating On is indicated on Remote unit by Green LED. When the temperature of the Heat Pack rises above the set value, supply to the Heat Pack is cut Off and the Red LED comes ON indicating that the Heat Pack has attained the required temperature and is suitable for removing from the remote unit and transport it to the customer to carry & serve the item hot. If in case the hot pack is not removed from the Power Supply unit, the thermostat will control and maintain the temperature well within required limit.

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