Premier's Endurance Tester, also known as on-off tester and life tester, is used to perform the life test of the unit. The Endurance Tester, switches on the unit for a set time and then turns it off for a set time. This entire cycle is repeated multiple times, to simulate the behavior of the unit under extended use

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Endurance Tester

Features: * To carry out Life Test of any appliance - To set On Time, Off Time and no of times the cycle is repeated
* Facilities : Start/Stop buttons, Battery backup for memory retention
* Provision to connect load up to 25 Amp directly (Socket provided)


Counter Section Display: 4 digit, 0.5" ht red LED
Range : 0 - 9999 counts
Resolution : 1 Count
Set Point : One No adjustable by Membrane Key Board
Reset : Push button Switch to reset - provided

Timer Section. Display : 4 digit, 0.5"ht red LED.
Range : Programmable 0-9999 Min or 0-999.9 min or 0-99.59 min for On and Off Time
Resolution : 1 min or 0.1 min or 1 sec.
Accuracy : ± 1 count
Setting : On time, Off time, no of cycles
Reset : Push button Switch to reset
Power : 230 V AC ± 10%, 50 Hz

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