Premier's Safety Test Panel for appliances comprises of tThe tests prescribed in IS. The Panel Carries out different tests sequentially, one after the other. The test results are dispayed as PASS or FAIL. It is very useful for line or production testing of appliances or other products. The tests carried out are: High Voltage Test (HV), Earth Contact Resistance Tester (ECR), Insulation Resistance Test (IR), Leakage Current Test (LCT), Performance Test (Voltage Current Wattage) A special purpose socket is provided for easy connection of the unit under test. The time for each test can be set by the user. All tests can be completed in less than 15 seconds. The final result is given on the display. It also has a manual mode if the user wishes to perform only a single test or a test skip mode, where the user can select the tests he wants to perform.

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automatic test panel

* Carries out HV test, ECR test, Leakage current test, Insulation Resistance Test and wattage test automatically & sequentially.
* Digital Indication of all the para meters with accuracy of class 1 or better.
* User adjustable set value parameters - on front panel controls.
* Auto/Manual operation.
* Test ON and test FAIL Indication by means of individual LEDS & Final Pass and Fail indication.
* Facilities to bypass any test / tests.
* Test time continously adjustable between 1 to 99 sec.
* Facility to abort the test cycle after any test failures.
* Easy to operate even by unskilled person.
* Supplied with an attractive, transperant, rugged acrylic box with built in limit switch to house the appliance under test.
* An ideal Automatic instrument to carry out Pre Dispatch Safety Tests of industrial / domestic appliances.
* Designed with relevant ISI drafted specifications.
* Calibration certificate traceableto international standards meeting ISI requirements.


Test Voltage :0 to 1.50 KV continuously user adjustable by means of Dimmer
Test current : Upto 30 mA settable by keypad.
Set Point: Digital Setpoint for Test Current

Test Current : 0 to 25 Amp adjustableby means of dimmer
Test Voltage : 0 to 6.00 V
Resistance : 0 to 1.999 Ohms, calculated automaticaly.
Set Point: Digital Set point for Resistance.

Test Voltage : 500 V DC
Resistance : 0 to 200 M Ohm
Set Point: Digital Set point for Resistance.

Range: 0-1.999 mA from Line to Body & Neutral to body, both displayed simultaenously
Set Point: Digital set point for Leakage Current

Measures the volage, current, wattage, Power Factor, Frequency of the device under test Test Voltage :0 to 300V user adjustable by means of Dimmer
Current :0 to 20 A or as per requirement.
Wattage: 0-5000 W
Set Point: Low and High Set point for Wattage.

In any of the above tests, if the actual test parameter crosses the set limit, corresponding red LED indicating test failure comes on.
Control has been provided to bypass any test/tests if desired.
Facility to abort the test cycle after test failure is provided.
After the complete test cycle, test over indication comes on.
Reset facility be means of push button switch has been provided to rest the system.
The system in manual mode can be selected to perform any one of the test.
The test cycle begins by pressing START push button & can be stopped in between if desired by pressing STOP push button.

Check one of our automatic test panel:

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We also manufacture test panel for specific testing purpose which includes mechanincal fixtures. Some examples are shown below:

1. Test Panel for Steaming Rate (for irons)

This test panel is designed as per IS requirements.
Steaming rate

2. Test panel to test hand blender motor and coupler

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